Restaurants, E-Shops, Food Stands: Where to Enjoy Seafood in Prague

15. června 2021

Despite the fact that fried carp is the Christmas meal, the Czechs do not consume much fish. However, in recent years, restaurants and online companies have started offering more local freshwater and imported seafood dishes.


Fish lovers Praha

It is a venue that offers you fresh seafood dishes every week from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 until 19.00. The pickup point is located in Wenceslas Square where you can either buy raw products for cooking at home, vacuumed fish, or ready-to-eat fish.

Fish Lovers Praha has a unique Telegram channel where they share updates about the cafe and any changes in the menu. You can join it here.

As for the fresh food, the selection includes clams, mussels, sea bass, and sea bream, turbot, shrimps, prawns, and even lobsters. The list is quite… endless!

Ryba je ryba

‘We adore fish and everything related to it,’ say the restaurant representatives, and we could not agree more! In this venue, you can find a great variety of fresh, high-quality seafood that tastes great. You can find Ryba je Ryba at Manifesto Market Florenc.

Here you can get delicious fish, seafood salads, oysters and caviar, fritto misto, burrata sandwich, or a New York-style lobster roll.

Every day of the week you will find a fish specialty of the chef, Matteo De Carli bringing years of outstanding experience from restaurants such as Cipriani in New York City, Dublin’s Four Seasons and Michelin recommended Casa de Carli in Prague.

Enjoy a Paella Valenciana, mussels marinara or pasta with sauces for every taste!


Stylish restaurant focused on Belgian cuisine and Belgian beer is located in the historical “National House” in Vinohrady.

There are 8 kinds of Belgian beer on tap, imported directly by the establishment, plus one domestic “guest” beer, brewed specially for the restaurant by a selected Czech brewery.

The main culinary specialties are mussels, imported three times a week.

A bowl of mussels cooked in white wine with shallot, celery, and parsley will cost 320 Kč. Oysters are also available in the menu. Depending on their origin, prices vary – starting from 100 Kč per piece.


The new e-shop brings a varied selection of fish, mainly from Iceland. Moreover, customers can choose to buy a complimentary wine from domestic and foreign wineries, to complete the experience.

In addition to traditional species such as cod, haddock, arctic salmon, and tuna, Boxxi offers less known species with intriguing flavours such as redfish, monkfish, and grayling. Boxxi also offers smoked salmon and halibut.

The fish in the Boxxi menu are processed almost immediately after catching. Fish are frozen by the IQF method, which shocks the fresh meat at -60 °C.

Polpo by Kogo

KOGO has long been considered one of the best restaurants in Prague offering legendary service and delicious food, for these very reasons KOGO has expanded over the years and now features many restaurants.

Polpo by Kogo is located in the heart of the city, behind Quadrio shopping mall. The menu is Italian and seafood inspired, everything from octopus salad, pasta with lobster, and tuna or salmon Carpaccio is amazing.

The price for salmon carpaccio with chives and soy reduction is 325Kč.

Zdenek’s Oyster Bar

At Zdenek’s Oyster Bar they work with a complex offer of the best oysters and seafood which are currently available on the market.

With fourteen types of the top oysters from the most prominent global producers, it belongs to an elite group among European oyster bars. You will savor here high-quality excellent oysters, shrimps, scallops, crabs, lobsters and caviar, as well as various fish specialties.

Since oysters are best with Champagne, Zdenek’s Oyster Bar offers a wide selection of some 150 kinds both from small family winemakers and renowned brands.

Farm Store

This online shop offers a great variety of food and selected delicacies from different regions of Europe with a focus on pure products without additives, organic food, hunted seafood, and carefully selected wines.

As for the fishery, you can buy Bouillabaisse, Mediterranean red tuna, anchovies, St. Tropez sardines, and other exciting instances. The selection of fish soups is also impressive, and their price starts from 135Kč.


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