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Boxxi e-shop is celebrating a year on the market with an expanded offering that reflects a growing local appetite for health-boosting fish.


A new study by the Center for Health, Nutrition and Food for the State Institute of Public Health in cooperation with the University Hospital Brno, found that adequate intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel, can lower chronic inflammation and stave off Covid-19 complications such as pneumonia.

The study also reflected some not-so-positive outcomes; particularly that the majority of the Czech population consumes a diet that lacks anti-inflammatory nutrients supplied by omega-3 fatty acids. 

Both the unfamiliarity with and unavailability of fresh fish on the local market were the driving force behind the creation of the Czech Republic's first shore-to-door delivery box, Boxxi, now celebrating a year on the Czech market with some tasty additions that reinforce the health benefits of Omega-3-rich fish.

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The Boxxi e-shop debuted last October in a bid to offer people in Prague easy access to quality saltwater fish. The delivery service's reach has grown exponentially since then, but Katy Youngová, Boxxi's sales and marketing specialist says that there's still a lack of education regarding the importance of fish as part of a healthy diet.

"Due to the very low consumption of fish and seafood in the Czech Republic, we need to educate consumers about all the benefits," she explains. "While demand for fish is increasing due to Covid, this is mainly because of vitamin D. There's still the challenge of educating Czechs about why is better to buy good fish than to buy supplements in the pharmacy."

Young's partner Boxxi.cz owner Marek Jirovec began to spread the gospel of fresh salmon after visiting Iceland a few years ago. Jirovec was startled to discover that the fish he was used to buying in Prague paled in taste, texture, and freshness compared to the freshly-caught options of the North.

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He began bringing fish home to the Czech Republic in small quantities just for friends and family until the venture started to grow bigger and bigger and friends of friends would request fish until the capacity of the pairs' living room couldn't fit demand.

Boxxi has now expanded its offering to include cod, Arctic salmon, monkfish, wild salmon, tuna steak, and redfish plus there’s also more seafood to choose from, including shrimp, calamari, and prawns.

"Our fish can now reach about 70% of addresses in the Czech Republic – all safely and freshly packaged in a sustainable way without the need for shipping poly boxes," says Youngová, Boxxi's sales and marketing specialist.

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Curated boxes and Boxxi SUSHI are new additions to the service, with the latter including a bamboo sushi mat and chopsticks, as well as a selection of shrimp, Arctic salmon, and tuna steak to make your own sushi at home.

Other new products geared at helping locals enjoy the health benefits of fits include a Boxxi STARTER (with tried and trusted classics such as Arctic salmon, seabass, and cod) or the Boxxi WILD with the best selection of wild fish (and shrimps) caught in the wild oceans by wild fishermen for a true taste of the North. 

Boxxi is also working on the expansion of its portfolio beyond just fish and seafood products. “During the past few months, we have added many new products under the Deli section,” says Youngová.

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“You can now try our selection of Icelandic chocolates, vintage sardines or specialties from Italy. Also pay attention to our wine selection from great local small wineries to selected champagne brands which pair well with our products."  

For cooking aficionados or those looking for the perfect food-related gift, the e-shops now stocks special cooking and grilling pans for fish, professional knives, mother-of-pearl caviar spoons, sets of flavored Icelandic sea salts, and gift vouchers. 

Source: Expats.cz

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