Soup with Arctic salmon by CUKETKA

Martin Kuciel alias Mr. CUKETKA shares with us a recipe he developed using our arctic salmon. Cheers @cuketka!

  • Time of preparation:
    40 minutes
  • The fish should ideally be taken out of the freezer and left to defrost in the fridge overnight.


Number of servings

  • 2 portions Arctic salmon
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/3 leek
  • 2 potato
  • 500 ml stock
  • 120 ml cream
  • 1 handful fresh dill
  • 30 g butter
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • salt, sugar, vinegar to taste


  • Dice the potatoes, leek, and carrots.

  • Heat the butter in a decent-sized saucepan and sauté the leek and carrot. Season and leave to take on colour, stirring occasionally.

  • Dust with flour, add the potatoes and cover with stock. Cook for around 20 minutes until the potatoes soften.

  • Mix in the cream, dill, sugar, and vinegar.

  • Remove and discard the skin from the salmon and cut into decent-sized chunks. Place these into the gently-bubbling saucepan and leave to cook through for around five minutes.

Enjoy your meal!