BBQ Flaked Salmon Sandwich

The ageless combination of salmon and fresh dill. With Boxxi-quality salmon you get a real culinary masterpiece in only 20 minutes!



  • Time of preparation:
    20 minutes
  • Leave the salmon in the fridge overnight to gradually defrost. 


Number of servings

  • GRILLED SALMON 2 portions Arctic Salmon
  • 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
  • DRESSING 4 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons white yoghurt
  • 1 sprig fresh dill
  • lemon
  • SANDWICH BREAD 2 pcs ciabatta
  • 2 handfuls salad leaves
  • 1/2 cucumber
Recommended pairing

Weinwurm, Asia Blend White


  • First sort the dressing. Chop the dill, grate the lemon rind, and finely chop the garlic. Chuck all this into a bowl and mix in the mayonnaise and white yoghurt with a few drops of olive oil and as much salt and pepper as you need. Put in the fridge to chill for a while.

  • Now prep the frisée lettuce (you can use a mix of ripped salad leaves, rocket or pea shoots etc.), rinse and toss around in a colander, setting aside to drip dry. Cut the cucumber into rounds and cut the ciabatta at an angle.

    Try other types of bread as well. Look for those with nutty flavour. 

  • Put the salmon skin side down on the barbecue at a medium heat. Turn after around 2 minutes and cook a further two minutes on the other side. Leave to rest for a minute or so while you toast the ciabatta on the barbecue.

  • Spoon out the dressing on to the bottom half of the ciabatta, then flake out the salmon (discarding the skin), and arrange the cucumber and salad on top before pressing down the top half of the ciabatta to serve.

Enjoy your meal!