Tipy a recepty

30 minutes

Arctic char with balsamic onions

It might seem that the delicate flavour of arctic char might be overpowered when it is accompanied with balsamic vinegar. The opposite is in fact the case. Both of these…

20 minutes

Arctic Char with Sautéed Vegetables and Herb Sauce by @Davidvkuchyni

Our Arctic char from the Matorka fishery is the northernmost bred freshwater fish. Its nuanced flavour will enthuse salmon lovers and fishofile gourmets of all stripes. This…

30 minutes

Marek's arctic salmon with Sriraca hot sauce

The robust flavour of arctic salmon can withstand the introduction of such bold ingredients as ginger, garlic, and even the hot Thai sauce known as sriracha. Let's then leave…

20 minutes

Boxxi Barbecue Prawn Skewers With Tomato Dressing

Quite simply a huge hit at barbecue parties. The sweetish taste of prawns with a spicy-sour dressing is almost addictive. The prawns are cleaned, headless, and deveined so they…

20 minutes

BBQ Flaked Salmon Sandwich

The ageless combination of salmon and fresh dill. With Boxxi-quality salmon you get a real culinary masterpiece in only 20 minutes!    

30 minutes

Tacos with Flaked Char

An untraditional pairing of the legend of Mexican cuisine with the Icelandic champion.

10 minutes

Fresh mussels Belgian style made by Boxxi

Recently we have added fresh mussels to our e-shop offer. Together with oysters they are delivered straight from the sea to us twice a week and to you in a few hours upon your…

20 minutes

Udon nudles with prawn by @davidvkuchyni

Thanks to David @davidvkuchyni, for taking a liking to our fish (quite rightly :)) and conjuring up tasty recipes.

20 minutes

Fried Calamari Rings made by @davidvkuchyni

Bring back your memories from the Adriatic Sea by preparing this popular holiday street food.

60 minutes

Loin of saithe with roast parsnip

The loin is taken from the fattest part of the fillet. Loin is the juiciest part of the fish and has the advantage of being completely bone free. This permits us to focus on…

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