Cambodian pepper - black, red, and white starterpack

Inside a resealable package that perfectly preserves all the character of its contents, you'll find black, white and red peppercorns. They all come from the same plant, but the way they are harvested and processed determines their colour and taste.

The black pepper is harvested while still green and dried in the harsh Cambodian sun. Its flavour is intense and aromatic. Red pepper is harvested after the peppercorns are fully ripe. As a result, it has a higher fructose content and breaks all the conventional wisdom about the pungency of pepper. White pepper is obtained from soaked red peppercorns that are stripped of their skins. It is an elegant pepper that will win you over with its mildness.

The taste and aroma in this case are incomparable to the classic pepper available in supermarkets.

39900 CZK 20g 6 650 CZK/kg

Cambodian pepper - black, red, and white starterpack

NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product

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Weight 20g
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Producer Pepper Field


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We are the first to import from Pepper Field of Cambodia the most flavoursome pepper in the world: Cambodian pepper. This is an ingredient of which their customers and chefs say that nothing they have tasted elsewhere comes close. We are often dulled to the possibilities of pepper by familiarity but here is something which bring up the level of every meal to a gastronomical experience. Forget the notion that pepper should be fiery hot. Pepper ought first to bring flavour to a dish!

The peppercorns exported to your table are sourced from small family farms that approach pepper cultivation with integrity and traditional practices that have been used in the area for hundreds of years. Pepper is bought from them under the fairest possible conditions. The kernels go through multiple inspections during the export process, ensuring that the most authentic flavour and aroma from Cambodia reach your table.

The taste and aroma in this case are incomparable to the classic pepper available in supermarkets. It is bold, rich, yet delicate and subtle. In addition, Kampot pepper is a unique pepper that you definitely won't find in a conventional store.

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