Black Cambodian pepper

The strictest selection of grains of black Cambodian pepper in a heat-sealed 20g pack. A 100% Fair Trade product, hand-picked, sundried and hand-checked - grain by grain.

119 CZK 20 g 5 950 CZK/kg

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About origin

We are the first to import from Pepper Field of Cambodia the most flavoursome pepper in the world: Cambodian pepper. This is an ingredient of which their customers and chefs say that nothing they have tasted elsewhere comes close. We are often dulled to the possibilities of pepper by familiarity but here is something which bring up the level of every meal to a gastronomical experience. Forget the notion that pepper should be fiery hot. Pepper ought first to bring flavour to a dish!

Their story is long and in Cambodia they do many things. If stories bore you, however, and you want nothing more than quality produce, you could certainly do worse than to use Cambodian pepper every day - to pair individual peppers with individual dishes or perhaps to give a gift that has been cultivated with love in Cambodia and hand-packaged with the same care here in the Czech Republic.