Katy Youngová | 15. December 2020

Icelandic fish with wine

"Fish should swim, ideally in good white wine. This proverb is something that Boxxi, a company that imports fish, mainly from Iceland, is trying to live up to."


"The customer can choose wine from small domestic and foreign wineries which taste the best with the chosen fish. The selection is diverse, it is possible to order portions for individuals, couples, or for a family, or create one's own combination. Every order is packaged in a one hundred per cent recyclable thermobox which maintains a stable temperature for four hours. The home of the fish on offer are the cold, clean waters around Iceland's fjords. Experienced fishermen catch them with respect and in accordance with the principles of sustainable fishing. Fish are caught primarily on a long line with a hook. Following defrosting in the correct manner they are comparable in terms of both flavour and nutrition with freshly caught fish."