Information on the use of cookies

Cookies are text files containing small chunks of information which are downloaded to your computer, mobile phone, or other device when you visit websites. In subsequent visits the cookies are sent back again, either to the original website or a website which recognises them. Cookies are useful because they enable websites to identify the user's device.

Persistent cookies

These cookies remain on a user's device for a period specified in the cookie file. They are activated whenever a user visits the site that made the given cookie.

Session cookies

These files permit the operators of a website to connect together a user's discrete activities for the period they are visiting the website. These files activate at the moment of the opening of the website and are deactivated upon the closing of the browser window. Session cookies are temporary and all such files are deleted after the browser is closed.

Cookies have various functions such as, for example, permitting the interoperation of a number of different websites, remembering your preferences and generally increasing convenience. They can also ensure that advertisements you see on-line correspond to your interests and preferences.

Further information about cookies are available at a

Cookies used on this website.

A list of all types of cookies used on this website:

Essential cookies

These cookies are unconditionally necessary for the function of the website and the agreement of the user to these cookies is not requested. Without these cookies certain functions of the website is not possible.

Performance-related cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information about the visited pages. By opening these pages you agree to the placement of these cookies on your device. These cookies collect information about the manner in which the visitor uses the webpages, such as how often they visit certain pages and whether they receive error messages from the website. These cookies do not collect identifying information about the user; all information is aggregated and thereby anonymous. These cookies are used solely for the purposes of improving the user experience of the website.

Function-related cookies

These cookies store your preferences and, on the basis of these, improve your user experience while you use the website. By opening the site you give your assent to placing of these cookies on your device.

Function-related cookies permit the website to remember your preferences (for example your username, language, or your location) and thereby help to functionality which is optimally congenial to your needs. These cookies may also help to remember changes in font size, font, and in other areas of the website, in order to adjust to user needs. In addition, these cookies faciliate the use of services the user requests, such as watching a video, placing commentary on a blog, and so forth. Information gathered via these cookies can be anonymous and do not track a user's activity on different websites.

Targetted or advertisement cookies

These cookies gather information about your habits while browsing the internet and, based upon this, help to target advertising content to you and your interests.

These cookies are used with the aim of improving the targetting of advertisements to a given user. They are also used to limit the number of advertisements to a single user and increase the effectivity of an advertising campaign. These cookies are ordinarily placed on a website by a third party with the agreement of the operator of the website. Cookies log a user's visit to the website and then share this information with other entities. Very often these cookies are connected to the functionality of a website operated by a further entity.

Behavioural targetting of advertisements and protection of privacy on the internet

A branch of the online industry has developed a guide to behavioural targetting of advertising and the protection of privacy on the internet which you can explore on the site The guide contains an explanation of the self-regulating schema of the IAB and through this permits a user to gain greater control over the displaying of advertisements on your device.

Browser settings and cookie settings

In the Help option of most browsers you will find instructions on how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to configure it to display a notification upon the acceptance of new cookies, and how to deactivate all cookie files. You can also deactivate or completely delete similar data used by your browser as plug-in modules, such as flash cookies, by changing the settings of the plug-in or visiting the website of its developer.

Because cookie files permit you to use certain basic functions of the website, we recommend you to leave them activated. For example if you bloc or decline certain cookie files, you will not be able to use our products and services which require you to be logged in. If you keep cookies activated, don't forget to log out if you use a shared computer.

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