Fresh mussels Belgian style made by Boxxi

Recently we have added fresh mussels to our e-shop offer. Together with oysters they are delivered straight from the sea to us twice a week and to you in a few hours upon your order. From now on you don't need to seek for your favourite delicacy in a restaurant. Fresh mussels are so easy to prepare and hence you can enjoy them anytime you like. 

  • Time of preparation:
    10 minutes
  • Mussels are grown in the Netherlands, Yerseke. We pack them in MAP (Modified Athmosphere Packaging) to prevent drying out and loosing the unique sea taste and fragrance. They only require to be rinsed and sorted. 


Number of servings

Recommended pairing

Louis Robin, Petit Chablis


  • In a big saucepan softly brown chopped onion and garlic. Add good quality white wine.


  • Insert celery, all spices and herbs except of the parsley. 

    Raw mussels, which are open and open again after pressing them softly together, must be thrown away and most not be eaten. It is a sign that the mussel is "dead" for longer time and could cause digestive problems. 


  • Let them cook with a closed lid by middle heat approx. 5 minutes.

  • By the end of cooking time add chopped parsley and a piece of butter to fine-tune the sauce and put the saucepan aside.


  • Mussels are served together with the sauce on pasta plates. The first empty shell can be used as tongs. 


    For cooked mussels there is the opposite rule to follow. Mussels that stay closed after cooking must be thrown away. 

Enjoy your meal!
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