French vintage sardines "Le cabaret de Lulu"

In extra virgin olive oil

Year: 2019

Like a good wine, La Perle des Diex sardines mature and gain quality over time. Each vintage is unique, as the taste can vary from year to year. Weather, water temperature, sea currents, and the taste of the olive oil are all factors that will affect the flavour of the vintage, so feel free to try and compare them all.

"The limited edition sardine box is decorated with unique images by local artists Delphine Cossais and Coralie Joulin, depicting the wonderful adventures of Miss Perle and Miss Lulu, the muses of La Perle des Dieux. For 2019, painter Coralie Joulin plunges us into the world of cabaret, where Miss Lulu dances a flamboyant French cancan."

19900 CZK 115 g 1 730,43 CZK/kg

French vintage sardines "Le cabaret de Lulu"

NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product

Energy value


Allergens Contains fish.

Detail information


Energy value 1019 kJ / 244 kcal
Fats 15,1 g - of which saturated fatty acids 4,3 g
Carbohydrates 3,2 g - of which sugars 0,2 g
Protein 24 g
Salt 3,4 g


Allergens Contains fish. May contain traces of shellfish and molluscs.
Contents Sardines, extra virgin olive oil, salt.


Latin name Sardina pilchardus
Weight 115 g
Instructions for use direct consumption and heat treatment


Type of production Caught
Country of origin France
Produced on see packaging
Best before see packaging


Keep away from heat and direct sunlight
Store at up to 25 °C. Once opened, store in a refrigerator and use within 2 days.

La Perle des Dieux is a modern company that has maintained the traditional production of sardines in a proven manner for over 130 years.

Vintage sardines, the heart of their entire production, have very high quality standards. The best sardines are usually caught in August and September, when the ocean's plankton is at its most nutrient-rich. Sardines are caught with respect for nature and its heritage, but above all sustainably. The port of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, near which the sardines are caught, is the only sardine port designated as a Site Remarquable du Goût. This distinction highlights a product of excellent taste and rich maritime heritage. Once the fresh sardines are landed at the port, they are sent directly to the cannery less than 3 kilometres away! There they are individually processed, traditionally - by hand. When covered with extra virgin olive oil, they can last for 10 years or more.

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