What do we mean when we say “Just better food”?

For us it is both natural and an absolute priority to eat in such a way that, on the one hand, we enrich our body with beneficial substances and that, on the other hand, we do not burden it with industrial products with artificial additives and that, furthermore, we take care to produce as locally as possible, in order to minimise the impact on our planet. 

How can you demonstrate that your products are of a higher quality?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and our products primarily distinguish themselves by their taste but we also understand the importance of a rational justification for placing an order. 

We strictly adhere to our philosophy when selecting products for our e-shop:

  • Our products have a proven origin and an authentic story. This way, we bring to the fore small producers, their honest work and the care with which they approach production.
  • For fresh products, we take care to ensure demonstrable freshness (eg. the declared date of catch for fish) and, for long-lasting products, we favour those that are produced using traditional and innovative and, above all, gentle preservation methods (flash freezing, canning, etc.)

Many products also boast independent awards and world-renowned certifications. Read more about them on our blog. 

How do we get better food to you?  

Collection in-person and direct purchase of goods is currently only possible during opening hours at our HQ, Boxxi house, Mojmírova 4, Prague 4. 

Home delivery - Prague and surroundings

Goods ordered through the e-shop will be delivered to you in Prague and its surroundings in two-hour delivery windows, from morning to evening. In the second step of the order, choose from the available dates. In most cases, it is possible to place an order for delivery on the same day. 

To your home - to the regions

Delivery to other parts of the country according to the delivery schedule, which you will find after selecting the type of delivery. We ship most of the goods in our range to the available addresses, at least once a week.

You can easily check whether we can deliver Boxxi to you on our website: https://www.boxxi.cz/en/#zadej-adresu  

How to place an order with Boxxi

First enter the address in the address input field on the homepage or after you have added a product to the cart. After address validation only the relevant product offer will be shown.

Products with early expiration are only available delivery aithin Prague addresses and at the Prague Boxxi store. 

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery in Prague is FREE for orders over 1,500 CZK or for a fee of 99 CZK below this. The minimum order is 500 CZK pro Prague's ZIP code 1xx xx and 1000 CZK for Prague's ZIP code 2xx xx.

Delivery to the outskirts of Prague and the regions is also FREE for purchases over 1,500 CZK, otherwise also 99 CZK. The minimum order for such orders is 1,000 CZK.

To most addresses in the Czech Republic we deliver products that are non-perishable, using natural methods of preservation - freezing, canning, etc. We recommend that you stock up on Boxxi goods to ensure a supply of the vitamins that not only our marine products are full of and, and at the same time to save on shipping costs. 

How do you ensure the correct conditions for the transportation of chilled and frozen goods?

For delivery in Prague and its surroundings we use a strong logistics partner Liftago, which ensures delivery in Prague and its surroundings within 2 hours. Thanks to the preservation of goods in polystyrene boxes, both chilled and frozen goods are safely preserved from pick-up in Boxx to delivery to your address.

Regional delivery is carried out by our external temperature-controlled carrier. In order to maintain the required quality of the products, we do not distribute fresh (non-perishable) products to more distant regions. The frozen part of the order is packed in a polystyrene box with dry ice and this is placed in a cardboard box. Immediately after delivery, it is ideal to put the frozen products in the freezer and the chilled items in the refrigerator.

In the case of delivery of frozen goods in Prague and its surroundings, the goods are stored in a polystyrene thermobox together with dry ice (depending on the outside temperature and the length of the transport), so that their temperature does not rise during transport and their quality is not degraded.

The dry range is generally transported separately from the frozen range. However, if there is no risk of the product deteriorating due to refrigeration and in the case of a short transport, some of the product is added to a polystyrene thermobox.

How does dry ice work and is there no risk of burns?

Dry ice maintains a constant temperature in the box to prevent the frozen products from thawing during delivery and thereby spoiling. Dry ice should evaporate during transport. Should you nevertheless find some residual dry ice in the box, do not touch it with your bare hands. It should be tipped out into a sink or bathtub, where it will evaporate safely in a few moments. 

What is the best way to store my purchased products?

The shelf life of frozen products is approximately one and a half years from the date of first freezing, which is stated on the packaging. A constant temperature of -18 °C or below is important to maintain quality. In household freezers, the temperature is between -8 and -12 °C, so we recommend that products are processed within 1-2 months. 

Always store chilled and perishable products according to the instructions on the label. For fresh produce, the correct storage temperature is essential to maintain maximum quality throughout the specified safe shelf life (see use-by date on the product's label). 

What is the best way to thaw frozen products to maintain the highest quality?

The best way to prepare frozen produce for consumption or further preparation is to thaw it gradually, ie. to leave it in the fridge for about 12 hours. If you are in a hurry, you can place the package in a bowl of cold water and wait a few hours. In an extreme case, you can leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours before processing.

We do not recommend thawing frozen products using hot water or microwaving. Meat, fish and seafood is degraded by these methods. 

What should I do in the event that goods from Boxxi do not match the declared quality?

If you have any doubts about the quality of the delivered product, please contact the Boxxi customer service line as soon as possible (support@boxxi.cz or by phone on +420 607 300 995). We will also be happy to take photo/video documentation of the goods to help us resolve the situation.

In the case of frozen products, you also need to handle them properly to prevent their deterioration - ie. keep them in the freezer after delivery until you want to consume them. Similarly, refrigerated products need to be kept chilled. Stored correctly, frozen fish has a shelf life of approximately one and a half years from the date of first freezing. 

What should I do if my order is not as it should be or is complete?

If you notice any discrepancies in time, you can return the order to the driver immediately and contact our customer service line as soon as possible (info@boxxi.cz or call +420 607 300 995). If, on the other hand, you have already taken delivery of the order, please contact us and together we will arrange a remedy. In the event that goods are damaged or defective, we will be grateful for any photo/video documentation to aid us in the resolution of the situation. 

How should I change the delivery slot?

For delivery within Prague and its surroundings, we will be happy to accommodate you as much as possible and, if possible, we will reschedule the time for you on the day of delivery. With regional routes, we can change the delivery day only prior to dispatch to the transport depot (ie. 1-2 days before the planned delivery). Please contact our customer service line by phone (+420 607 300 995) or email (info@boxxi.cz) as soon as possible in order that changes may still be made.

After that, the shipment and its delivery is in the hands of the carrier. The customer will be informed of the specific time of delivery on the evening before shipment. The date can be adjusted with the dispatcher if necessary. 

What does it mean when it says that the product is "on its way"?

A product marked as "on its way" is a product that is sold out, but which we expect to restock in the near future. Upon clicking through to such a product's details, you can set up a Watchdog feature which will trigger an email when the product is back in stock and available to be ordered. 

Why can't some products be ordered?

After entering your address and verifying your postcode here: https://www.boxxi.cz/en/#zadej-adresu, the menu will show products that are available for delivery to the address you have entered. Products that show as unavailable are not available for the selected address due to shelf life and/or complex logistics. 

Do you sell fish at Boxxi?

In our e-shop (and in our store in Prague) we offer both fresh fish and fish which have been deep-frozen using the IQF method (ie. flash freezing at -60 °C), in the form of ready-made portions. You can find out more about our fish here or in the details of each product. 

Frozen fish typically contains a lot of water. What about fish from Boxxi?

If the correct technological procedure is followed, freezing is a completely gentle and safe way of preserving food. It's no secret that even top chefs work with frozen fish, even when preparing sushi, which places high demands on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. We use the IQF method, which quickly freezes fresh fish meat at a temperature of -60 °C. The quality, nutritional values, texture and taste are completely preserved. We do not add any extra water or additives to the fish during the processing. The weight listed for each portion is therefore the actual weight of the flesh. After thawing the flesh in the correct way, it is comparable to freshly caught fish in terms of taste and nutrition.

For some fish and seafood, a protective glaze is applied to protect the delicate fish flesh from freezer drying/burning. This is an ice crust applied to the surface of the fish/seafood. And so here too, there is no water injected inside. 

Industrially caught fish commonly contain large amounts of mercury, antibiotics or microplastics. What about the fish on offer in the Boxxi e-shop?

We are very particular about the provenance and production methods of all our products, and we are indeed a little stricter concerning fish, which were central at the very birth of our e-shop. This is so because, unfortunately, globally, most fish are sourced unethically and with reckless disregard for the oceans. We offer proven and certified producers, with Icelandic fish forming the core of our fish range. The Arctic waters around Iceland are the cleanest in the world. They are not contaminated with hazardous substances and the incidence of heavy metals and PCBs is virtually zero. Also, our partner fish farms strictly adhere to quality standards and do not add any antibiotics, GMOs, etc. to their feed. At the same time, they try to simulate the most natural farming conditions. For this reason, even the distinction between farmed and caught fish need not be considered decisive here. 

Where do the fish come from in Icelandic waters - from farms, coastal waters or the open sea?

We import salmon and char from two farms that are of a high technological standard. Each of them uses only feed certified as being free of additives, antibiotics, etc. Arnarlax farms Arctic salmon in six areas on three separate fjords. After each breeding cycle, the area is allowed to 'rest' to regenerate and recreate natural conditions for the next generation of salmon.

Our char comes from the Matorka farm, which is unique in using a mix of geothermal and seawater for farming char. The fish here have plenty of living space and very natural conditions for their development. 

The other Icelandic marine fish in our range, such as cod, sea bass, halibut and others, come from the open sea. We work with certified producers who catch and process the fish in a gentle and responsible way. They go out to sea each morning, where they cast a long line with a hook, and return to port in the afternoon. Here the fish are processed almost immediately and sent on their way.

For freshwater fish, saltwater fish and seafood we follow the same philosophy and choose very carefully producers who meet our strict quality criteria. These include the ecological harvesting and processing of the fish, and a minimum of added substances and harmful E numbers (in most cases none). 

How is the origin of the fish and its traceability guaranteed?

The origin of the fish, including the area in which it was caught, is indicated on each package through the FAO label. The guarantee of the origin and traceability of the fish lies both in the certification of our fish and the whole chain (from catch to delivery) by MSC/ASC, but above all, as Boxxi we pride ourselves on knowing all our cooperating fishermen, producers and suppliers personally. We have been to the Arnarlax farm many times, and more than once we have been present at the portioning and packaging of our cod. No certificate can stand in for a long-term personal relationship. 

What is the ecological footprint of imported fish from Iceland and other fisheries to the Czech Republic?

Our fish is processed almost immediately after it is caught. Mostly, this is done by hand, or using the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies. The fish fillets are then packaged and frozen using the IQF method: flash freezing at -60°C. This ensures that the fish retains 100% of its quality. The frozen fish fillets are packed and prepared for dispatch. The first part of the journey is by ship and thereafter by land transport to Boxxi house in Prague Nusle. Because we are able to import in large volumes at once, the ecological footprint of our fish is low. 

How often should I indulge in seafood on my plate?

Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating fish 1-2 times a week. With Boxxi, you can always have quality seafood on hand.



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