Premium extra virgin olive oil PDO from olives grown in Crete in the Sitia area (olive groves near the village of Palekastro). Produced by the Tsimitakis family. The oil has a strong taste, very aromatic, excellent for flavoring pasta dishes. Can be used for cooking. If you are looking for olive oil that will be universal in your home, this is it.

Cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest, single-species oil of the Koroneiki variety, unfiltered.

Olives grown, oil pressed and bottled in Greece.
Acidity 0.37 % (*measured at the time of bottling)

31990 CZK 1000 ml 319,9 CZK/l

Extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. 0,37 %*

NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product

Energy value



Detail information


Energy value 3389 kJ / 824 kcal
Fats 91,6 g - of which saturated fatty acids 12,5 g
Carbohydrates 0 g - of which sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g


Allergens x
Contents 100% extra virgine olive oil - acidity 0,37 %.


Volume 1000 ml
Best before see product label


Country of origin Greece
Region of origin P.D.O. Sitia


Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
Store at up to 25 °C.

Marek Vejrosta has been a windsurfing enthusiast since he was a teenager. One strong wind blew him all the way to Greece, where he tasted the best olive oil in his life and immediately fell in love with it. Initially, he brought supplies for his own consumption back to the Czech Republic. The more he became acquainted with the hard work involved in olive growing, the more absurd he found the "degrading" prices at which oils were bought from small growers, and he decided to act. To connect with the Tsimitakis family, a small olive producer from Crete, from which he began to buy liquid gold at fair trade prices and import it into the Czech Republic. However, this does not end his mission. In the coming years, he wants to add more small growers from Crete, Greece or Italy and create a strong community that will not work at the expense of low purchase prices.

Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil is one of the best olive oils in the world due to its unmistakable organoleptic properties (fruity and spicy taste). This olive variety is adapted to extremely harsh conditions such as drought and heat. It thrives in coastal areas and at higher altitudes.

The olive harvest begins in October (early harvest) and ends around the end of January. Exclusively by hand using special "rakes", the fruits are knocked out of the tree and fall into the nets, which are laid on the ground. The leaves are then removed from the nets, the olives are harvested and transported to the press every day for processing within 24 hours of harvest. Daily harvesting is especially important for the quality of olive oil. The final product is only from the first press, in first-class quality.



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