Dr. Loosen, Riesling

Qualitäteswine year: 2020 Volume: 0.75 l

Are you a lover of characterful white wine? Then you will certainly enjoy this Riesling from the winery Dr. Loosen of Mosel, Germany. The region's slate slopes give this dry wine a distinctive flavour and racy acidity, making it a superb pairing for fish of the salmon family, redfish like we recommend,  mussels and sushi.

29500 CZK 393,33 CZK/l

Dr. Loosen, Riesling

NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product

Energy value


Allergens see label

Detail information


Color white
Alcohol content (volume) 12%
Amount of residual sugar dry
Country of origin Germany
Region Mosel, DE
Volume 0.75 l


Quality classification
Year 2020
Volume 0.75 l
Producer Dr. Loosen


Storage temperature

Although the Loosen family has been growing wine on their estate for over 200 years, it was first Ernst Loosen - originally trained as an archaeologist - who made it one of the most famous wineries among the fierce Mosel competition. After the death of his father, Ernst decided to take over the family business. He first graduated from the renowned Geisenheim wine school and then traveled to famous wine regions around the world.
The winery did not succumb to the trend in the 1960s and 1970s of planting new, inferior varieties with higher yields, so Ernst had 100+ year old Rieslings in perfect condition in his vineyards for the production he planned. No flood of cheap consumer wines, then, but top quality Rieslings that would leave an indelible impression on everyone. Another perhaps paradoxical advantage was the paucity of cellar equipment: a lack of investment led to the preponderance of legacy equipment and Ernst had no choice but to produce wines slowly, without modern technology. This, as he soon discovered, was entirely to the wine's benefit.
Very soon the winery began to appear in the shortlists of competitions all over the world and became a member of the most prestigious German wine association, the VPD. The winery's present cult status is thereby well deserved.

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