Antonín's Fleur de Sel

Salt flakes from sun-dried seawater, harvested by hand in Pakistan on the Indian Ocean coast. This salt is naturally enriched with all the essential minerals and trace elements needed by the human body.
The difficulty of collection makes it very rare.
Because of its delicate, slightly floral flavour, it is particularly suitable for finishing complete dishes such as seafood, white fish or fresh vegetable salads.

62 CZK 40 g 1 550 CZK/kg

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About origin

 Koření od Antonína (spices from Antonín) has for twenty years now been supplying individual spices from carefully chosen suppliers and creating mixes of spices to original recipes.

 Everything is prepared traditionally, meaning cleanly, by hand, and with care. Free from colourings, preservatives, and glutamate. Mixtures are made to original recipes several times a week and every ingredient is also carefully checked over. Their goal is to choose to best herbs and spices from around the world and to fulfil the compan's motto: "a legend among spices".


Detailed information


Weight 40 g
Contents Fleur de sel
Allergens x
Best before see packaging
Store in a cool and dry place.
Store in a spice jars.


Country of Origin Pakistan