About Boxxi


We are Boxxi. We have known each other for a long time and enjoy spending time together with good food and drink. The founder and originator of the idea for the e-shop is Marek. Petra took the whole thing to the online world. But why did we take this on? Because we want people here to have access to quality food and because we enjoy doing things that strike us as meaningful.


Way back when a work trip took me to Iceland, which put a spell on me; the fish there tasted so good, and so I left the comfort of the office and began to import them to the Czech Republic and, later, to other countries. Regularly for a long while friends would approach me before Christmas asking after Icelandic fish and every year friends of friends would get involved until the capacity of our living room wasn't up to the demand. I began to look for a solution and it was from this the idea of my own e-shop first came up. I am certain that, when the people around me are satisfied and getting their fill of flavour from the fish I source, you will be satisfied too.


My dream was to become an architect. Instead I am caught up in the web where I focus my creative energies. I am one of Marek's circle of pre-Christmas seekers of Icelandic fish. In pandemic times Marek stopped by with fish delivery at my home and introduced the idea of an e-shop with quality fish (food) delivered quickly and easily right to the door. Almost immmediately I accept his offer to take on the implementation of the e-shop. After I fell in love with the taste and easy-to-prepare-style of Boxxi products, it became my love-project. 


The Boxxi team.

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