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Serve with great wine

In our e-shop you can also find lesser known wines which superbly complement our fish. We took a liking to these small domestic and foreign wineries that, like us, pursue their craft consciensciously and with love.


How to order your Boxxi

1. Fill your box Select from our wide variety of sustainably and reasonably produced goods. Our fish and meat are mostly vacuum-packed portion by portion. This simplifies your preparation and planning. Select as many portions as you have diners and reduce food waste. Boxxi takes care of daily family cooking as well as a fine dining made home.
2.Choose the method of delivery Boxxi delivers to your chosen address in the most Czech Republic. Or you can collect your order in Prague personally, where we happily serve you at our HQ in Prague's Nusle where we have our central warehouse. In wider Prague the goods are dispatched in polysterene boxes that can be returned to the driver upon delivery. To other regions goods are transported in paper bags by refrigerator vehicles.
3. Select a date and time Let your box be delivered when and where it suits you. In Prague and its surroundings we deliver from Monday to Saturday in two hour intervals. We serve other cities and regions at least once a week (exact days are displayed in the last step of your order). Choose delivery to your home or office. We deliver orders to most places in the Czech Republic.

Too far? Bear with us, we are adding extra places all of the time. You can sign up for the Boxxi newsletter ⬇️ and be the first to hear about new places.

Fresh mussels Belgian style made by Boxxi
Cream of Salmon Soup by @naskokvkuchyni
Arctic Char with Sautéed Vegetables and Herb Sauce by @Davidvkuchyni
Roasted salmon with creamed potato and lemon sauce by @Davidvkuchyni